How to make the most out of your yacht cruise?

When you’re preparing for a new adventure you probably can feel a real thrill… And that’s totally ok! If you plan to go on a yacht holiday and don’t really know what to expect and how to organize everything to enjoy it to the fullest, stop worrying right now – because we got it covered for you. Here are some precious tips that will let you have a yacht cruise to remember!

A holiday to remember – yacht charter in Oman

There are million different reasons to visit Oman and we’re sure they will vary depending on one’s personal expectations and interests. Whatever your motivation is, though, the best option to make the most out of your stay in this wonderful place by chartering a yacht. Here’s why you should book it as soon as possible!


Why is Thailand the perfect destination for a yacht vacation?

The sun rays gently caressing your tanned skin, the wind in your hair, uncounted breath-taking views and total disconnection from all everyday problems, obligations and tasks… Sounds impossible? It is, in fact, totally achievable if you decide to spend your next holiday on a yacht cruise in one of the most beautiful places in the world. What makes Thailand a perfect choice for a yacht cruise vacation?


5 reasons why Seychelles should be your next travel destination

Which places come to your mind when you think of a paradise? We have one very strong suggestion for you – Seychelles. Why there? There are literally millions of good reasons – let us provide you with the top 5 of them!

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